Venture creation

Product & commercial strategy

Webn supports incubated businesses in commercial and product strategy. Product strategy support typically includes a definition of the initial Minimum Viable Product, support in co-designing the product with potential end-users, testing of product-market fit, identifying key product features and developing the product roadmap. Commercial strategy support includes articulating value propositions, developing revenue models, defining the pricing model and creating the go-to-market strategy.

To ensure we effectively support our portfolio, each member of our venture team dedicates most of their time to a single business. By embedding themselves in the venture and working with founders, Venture Leads can provide analysis, commercial support and structure. The scope of their involvement is determined by the requirements of the business, whereby Venture Leads can rapidly pivot between providing highly strategic leadership and operational, pragmatic and tactical help.

The Webn approach in product and commercial strategy is structured, analytical and data-driven with an emphasis on client feedback and iteration, to ensure product-market fit. When we launch and scale a venture we narrowly scope and clearly define product features and target clients to build conviction and form the backbone of expansion.

Our venture team includes people with significant consulting experience who have worked with early-stage ventures and large enterprises. They can adopt the most appropriate approaches, blending rigour and structure with agility and flexibility. The team also has deep expertise in capital markets and technology which means they can ramp up on new ideas and provide subject-matter expertise to founders.